1. Pesto House Pasta

    Pesto House Pasta 11 Creamy basil pesto with herbs, garlic and cherry tomatoes Add grilled chicken for 5 or sautéed prawns for 8

  2. House Fettuccine Alfredo

    House Fettuccine Alfredo 11 Roasted oyster mushrooms and herbs in a rich sauce

  3. Steak Sandwich

    Steak Sandwich 14 Grilled sliced flat iron, red onion, roasted tomato, parm crisp, arugula

  4. Mahi Fish & Chips

    Mahi Fish & Chips 13 Tempura battered, colesla and fries with house tartar

  5. Baked Mac & Cheese

    Baked Mac & Cheese 10 Four cheese blend with roasted red peppers and green chilies

  6. Crispy Chicken Sandwich

    Crispy Chicken Sandwich 10 Mild jalapeño slaw, sriracha aioli on a kaiser roll