1. Vegetarian Curry Bowl

    Vegetarian Curry Bowl 15 Fresh vegetables, yellow coconut curry and cauliflower rice

  2. Southwest Prawns

    Southwest Prawns 18 Grilled with tequila lime butter, veggie/cheese hash and cilantro slaw

  3. Pork Ribs

    Pork Ribs 19 Spice rubbed, slow smoke roasted ½ rack, grilled corn and smashed yukon golds

  4. Cajun Chicken

    Cajun Chicken 16 Pan roasted, creole black bean and corn quinoa and grilled zucchini

  5. Flat Iron Steak

    Flat Iron Steak 19 With fried yukon golds, grilled tomatoes and chimichurri sauce

  6. Wild Alaskan Salmon

    Wild Alaskan Salmon 18 Alaskan with tomato & asparagus arugula salad and herb roasted potatoes